Oct 24, 2017

TBS' Separation Anxiety

“Separation Anxiety” – and I am not referring to the psychological disorder – is a primetime gameshow from TBS that is a modern update (with a twist) of the 1960s “The Newlywed Game.” The predecessor show was based on the premise that newlyweds may not know one another all that well. The format was fairly straightforward: first, the husbands (with their wives off-stage) were asked a series of questions (some of which were quite provocative) that they answered in the context of how they thought their wives would answer. Then they would bring the wives back on stage to find out their actual answers. The real fun was when their answers diverged from their husbands’, which could lead to anything from dirty stares to outright arguments – encouraged of course, by the game show host. Then it was the wives’ turn to answer for their husbands. It was, all in all, quite humorous and honest, good fun, except perhaps for those couples who ended up getting divorced.

Oct 17, 2017

TNT's Good Behavior

Being a huge fan of the PBS hit-series, “Downton Abbey,” I couldn’t resist watching a British talk show with Michelle Dockery, who played the icy, aristocratic Lady Mary Crawley. Given her on-air persona, the talk show host just assumed that Ms. Dockery came from some posh, upscale London neighborhood… that is, until she broke into a broad cockney accent to reveal her true origins from the working-class county of Essex!

Sep 19, 2017

Discovery's Dual Survival Ratings Analysis

Sep 12, 2017

If Loving You is Wrong

Aug 29, 2017

Food Network's Cooks vs. Cons

At a time when real news is positioned as “fake news” (and vice-versa), how apropos the title for this cooking contest show, “Cooks vs Cons.” But don’t let the title fool you… the “cons” in the show are a very talented group of everyday, amateur home chefs posing as professionals.

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