Apr 28, 2021

What Digital Buyers Need to Know About Linear TV

By John Piccone, President QTT, a division of Viamedia

Published on Independent Communications News April 28, 2021

There is a whole new generation of advertising buyers and sellers who have fallen in love with the features of advertising technology without understanding the marketing objectives that drive media decisions.

To the digital buyer, critical metrics of success live in the headers of their analytics reports which represent bottom funnel metrics. Absent are traditional building block metrics that live in media mix modeling that have guided marketer’s media decisions for decades.

Nowhere is this more apparent than video advertising. Today a marketer can place its video advertising in many places: Linear TV, Connected TV, Desktop, Mobile and Digital Out of Home. But for decades, the lion’s share of video advertising share has gone to linear TV. Why is that? Simple…

TV Advertising Works

And advertisers know TV works. They may not have real time dynamic ad serving reporting, but decades of trial and error have shown TV works and as time passes the linear TV attribution game is only getting better. Correlations based on ad occurrence and website or mobile traffic generates millions of data points to give marketers even better insights on the value of TV.

Measurement Favors the TV Advertiser

A viewer must watch an average of 5 minutes of the TV program to be counted, even though many more people sample a TV show. Compare that to an online video ad that needs to be visible for only 2 seconds.

TV’s pricing can’t be beat.

Marketers have relied on Nielsen’s household sample to measure television viewership for decades. Most linear buys are against a broad demo group (Adults 25-54, Women 18+, etc) These Nielsen demos are priced by the sellers based on demand, supply and historical rate cards. This is no different if a digital buyer wants to buy a broad demo on YouTube or CTV. However, the key difference is that on TV you pay only for those audiences in that purchased demo. So due to the “spill” nature of TV the advertiser also gets everyone else who watch its ads, for free. Whereas with online video, thanks to dynamic ad serving only the purchased target audience sees the ad. If we run the advertising math, a TV Demo CPM of $20 on TV is actually a tiny fraction of that when you factor all the people who saw the ad. And for marketers who are building a brand, every eyeball counts. On the other hand, digital video CPMs remains static, or actually increase in the case of fraud or bot traffic.

Are there many benefits that digital video advertising offers that TV cannot? Of course. But it’s still clear that the cost of media, coupled with the advertiser-friendly measurement standards, is very hard to beat TV.

Inevitably the linear and digital worlds will collide. Marketers can now buy TV programmatically when it meets both buyer and seller objectives. Spoils will go to those who can understand linear and digital measurement and pricing metrics. Visit https://viamediatv.com.

Jun 8, 2020

Viamedia Bolsters Fast-Growing QTT™, Names John Piccone President of New Division

Published on businesswire.com June 2, 2020

Former Simulmedia, Innovid, 24/7 RealMedia Executive to Oversee Rollout to Deliver on Long-Sought Promise to Bridge Digital and Linear TV Advertising

Strategic Advisor also tapped to fuel QTT’s growth.

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Viamedia, the television industry’s largest independent local ad management company, today named John Piccone to the newly created position of President of QTT™, Viamedia’s newly formed business division launching a cloud-based television advertising solution bridging the gap between linear TV and digital advertising. Piccone is responsible for QTT™’s overall business, product, communications and marketing strategy.

Viamedia is excited to announce @johnpiccone as its QTT™ president. His dynamic leadership, extensive experience and insight will be invaluable as we continue to expand our QTT™ offering.

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“Having been an advisor to QTT™ for several months now, John has demonstrated that he is a dynamic leader whose extensive experience and insight will be invaluable as we continue to expand our QTT™ offering,” said Viamedia President and CEO Mark Lieberman. “The technical results from our initial market trials and integrations with our MVPD partners have been stellar. QTT™ is bringing us one step closer to the full convergence of TV and digital advertising, and John is the right man to help us get there.”

QTT™ is a first-of-its-kind solution that requests and receives ads programmatically from digital ad exchanges to enable real-time linear cable television ad insertion utilizing existing cable TV infrastructure. With this patent-pending technology, Viamedia can significantly increase cable ad dollars and advertisers’ marketing options by tapping into the surging programmatic digital advertising marketplace. Without needing any headend installation or changes to set top boxes, Viamedia was able to deploy QTT™ in over 650,000 households, 25 markets and 13 partner MVPDs in only 5 days in May. The balance of Viamedia’s footprint will be rolled out as well as with non-Viamedia MVPDs later this year.

“I am very excited at the opportunity of helping bring the digital and linear television advertising worlds together,” Piccone said. “QTT™ is a complete gamechanger. For years, the marketplace has been waiting for a simple solution to allow digital advertising platforms to buy linear TV advertising while respecting the existing business rules that have made television advertising so powerful. With QTT™, the wait is over. This is the opportunity of a lifetime, and I’m honored to be a part of it.”

Piccone is a seasoned ad tech executive with more than 20 years’ experience in sales and business development. In his most recent post, he was president & chief revenue officer of Simulmedia, the largest independent seller of linear television advertising. Before that, he led commercial development, product introduction and marketing for leading advertising technology companies such as Innovid, HealthiNation, BlackArrow (later acquired by Cadent) and 24/7 Real Media (acquired by WPP and later merged with Xaxis).

Viamedia has also tapped Brendan Condon, a programmatic TV innovator and former chief revenue officer for Comcast-owned Effectv (previously Comcast Spotlight), as a strategic advisor to help with third party network and operator deployment nationwide. With more than 30 years’ experience specializing in multi-platform sales, including linear, digital video, mobile and addressable advertising, Condon will be working with cable operators and agency heads to help drive adoption of QTT™.

About Viamedia

Headquartered in New York City, Viamedia provides a comprehensive audience and impression-based local video and digital advertising platform. As part of the platform, Viamedia has exclusive cable TV ad inventory from more than 60 Cable TV Distributors in 34 states across 76 DMAs, offering advertising on cable TV networks to more than 6,000 local, regional and national advertisers. Viamedia also offers those advertisers a complimentary suite of impression-based digital products including Viamedia’s proprietary QTT™ as well as OTT, mobile, display, email, search, and social, in those DMAs and beyond. Viamedia’s success is built on its proprietary software, people and processes. For more information, please visit https://viamediatv.com.

To schedule a demo of QTT™, contact us at info@viamediatv.com.

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