May 19, 2022


New Transitional Platform Paves the Way for Buyers and Sellers Migrating to a Full Dynamic Advertising Market


New York City – May 19, 2022 – Viamedia, the leading fully-integrated independent cross-media local advertising company, today announced the launch of its new Parity ADS Platform™. The platform uses a transitional approach to maximize live streams for IP-delivered distribution by simultaneously inserting regionally targeted ads on linear streams to match the local ads running on traditional cable TV systems.


"Our new Parity ADS Platform is one of the industry's first transitional approaches and introduces the immediate next step to achieving fully dynamic advertising," said David Solomon, President & CEO at Viamedia. "This presents an enormous opportunity for our MVPD partners around the country to essentially turn their linear inventory into connected TV (CTV) inventory, all while better serving their local communities, businesses and advertisers."


Viamedia’s Parity ADS Platform™ enables MVPDs to regionalize streaming distribution by inserting regionally targeted ads on linear streams which mirror the ads running on traditional SD and HD channels. The platform provides a CTV capability MVPDs that have already deployed a dynamic platform or are migrating into a dynamic advertising model by serving identical ads across multiple platforms -- enabling ad sales for an entire subscriber base while protecting existing revenue streams.


The platform is also designed to help accelerate time-to-market and to reduce technological risks associated with transitioning linear into digital streams.


Solomon added, “The industry is beginning to catch on to the benefits of a parity approach. As subscribers are transitioned to streaming, there's often not enough impressions to sell independently. By replicating the same ad on two platforms, MVPDs are able to optimize linear and CTV feeds for advertisers, maximizing inventory and ad sales during the migration.  This system is specifically developed to drive greater demand and value for existing advertising inventory.”


Viamedia’s best-in-class technology stack adheres to established IAB standards and utilizes a standardized platform to enable integration with any streaming applications, ensuring MVPDs will soon be able to use the streaming app of their choice to grow digital advertising revenue similar to CTV.


The new Parity ADS Platform complements Viamedia’s expanding portfolio of advanced advertising solutions, which includes QTT® , the company’s patented, cloud-based solution that bridges digital demand and linear TV advertising inventory. The first-of-its-kind solution can request and receive ads from programmatic digital ad exchanges to enable programmatic ad insertion in real time or near real time pending Publisher’s preference on linear cable, National Network or Broadcast television utilizing existing TV infrastructure.


About Viamedia 

Viamedia places over 1MM ads a day in more than 130 zones in 28 states across 60+ markets nationwide, aggregating all forms of TV audiences and providing a single point of sale to more than 6,000 local, regional, and national advertisers. It provides a comprehensive portfolio of audience and impression-based local video cross-media advertising solutions that bridge the gap between linear TV and digital programmatic advertising.


Viamedia’s patented, cloud based QTT® platform utilizes a proprietary technology stack and is designed to enable ad campaigns to be more efficient and easier to execute, by utilizing rich data to deliver targeted, dynamic ads to consumers via linear television.


Viamedia also offers a complimentary suite of impression-based digital products for streaming, mobile, display, email, search, social and more. Headquartered in Lexington, Kentucky, the company’s success is built on its people, processes and proprietary software.


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