Oct 3, 2018

Developing a Multi-Channel Marketing Strategy

In today's modern marketing world, consumers own close to 7.2 devices per household and use three or more on a daily basis.  (Adobe Analytics & ADI Device Use Survey) The average consumer goes through (at least) 6 channels before they make a purchase. (Marketing Week)

As a marketer, you need to target customers across all their platforms and devices they use by implementing a multi-channel, multi-faceted marketing strategy.Today we are going to talk about what a multi-channel marketing strategy looks like, why it is pivotal to brand success, the challenges that businesses face implementing a multi-channel strategy and some key factors to consider when building your strategy. 


What is Multi-channel marketing?

First and foremost, we want to define Multi-channel Marketing. Multi-channel marketing refers to a brand’s marketing efforts to engage customers across multiple platforms, or “channels,”. In other words, within a single campaign, marketers rely on a mix of media for marketing their product (i.e. social, TV, online, radio, email and more).

Why Multi-channel marketing?

Research studies show that brands are seeing results when they integrate their campaigns across different channels. A study by the Advertising Research Foundation found brands see up to a 35% increase in ROI when they use 5 media platforms to market versus just 1. An even more compelling result was concluded in a 2016 study by Gartner Research. The study found that  "Campaigns integrating 4 or more digital channels outperform those using single or dual channel campaigns by 300%." (Gartner Research)300%! While that seems like a large number, it makes more sense when you consider that 15 years ago consumers typically used two touch-points when purchasing an item, whereas today consumers use an average of six touch-points. (Marketing Week)The following provides more insight into why you should implement a multi-channel marketing campaign and the challenges businesses face in implementing this type of strategy. 

Multi-channel marketing infographic-2

We hope you learned more about the benefits of multi-channel marketing and why its essential in this media-saturated world. 

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Jenny Campbell, Marketing Coordinator

Written by Jenny Campbell, Marketing Coordinator

With over 10 years B2B marketing experience, Jenny has had her hands in almost every facet of marketing -- from product strategy, to content marketing, to client promotions and market research. When she's not strategizing, Jenny enjoys the little things with her two small children and husband in Cincinnati, Oh.

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