Jul 13, 2016

"You Have to Get Them Into the Shop, Before They Can Become Buyers."

“Without a doubt the best money I have spent is with cable TV advertising.  I am willing to say that 70 % of customers who walk into my shop for the first time mention they have seen my commercials, and had to stop and check out the bikes.  You have to get them into the shop, before they can become buyers.”

Jul 12, 2016

"...Local Cable Advertising has Helped Our Organization Reach Out to its Friends and Neighbors."

“As a small business focused organization, local cable advertising has helped our organization reach out to its friends and neighbors. Advertising on cable is a great way to reach the customer that is invested in the local economy and the ROI is one of the best out there.”

Jul 12, 2016

"...Customer Traffic Increased and They Told Me I Saw Your Ad on TV Last Night."

“The Antique Market is a 23 year old antique and home furnishing store in Augusta.  A wide range of advertising methods have been used over the years but for the last five years I have become an advertiser on local cable television. It became clear to me that when my customer traffic increased and they told me “I saw your ad on TV last night” upon entering the store my decision was made to advertise with local cable only.”

Jul 12, 2016

"...As Soon As We Run A New Commercial, Everyone In Town Comments..."

"Local cable is one of our top advertising values. We know it gets noticed, because as soon as we run a new commercial, everyone in town comments to me about it."

Jul 12, 2016

"TV Exposure Gets Our Name Out..."

"TV exposure gets our name out to our customers and all potential customers at an excellent rate – much more affordable and effective than radio advertising.  Many customers come in and tell us they see Chris Shore on these commercials and that these ads keep the Shore Tire name in their minds.  This has helped us gain many more lifetime customers which allows us to keep growing our business."

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