Oct 25, 2016

Bravo's Married to Medicine

After catching a few episodes of Bravo’s hit reality-series, “Married to Medicine,” I immediately recalled a blog we did some time ago on Bravo’s hydra-headed “Real Housewives” franchise (http://www.viamediatv.com/blog/those-housewives-are-for-real) which follows the lives and dramas of well-to-do, gossipy, middle-aged married women. Our current blog on “Married to Medicine” is cut from the same cloth, but now the focus is on well-to-do, gossipy women who are either doctors or married to doctors. But being in a highly select professional field (or associated with one by marriage) hasn’t imparted a certain decorum or reserve on the main characters.
Then again, this is the television business, and good manners are not synonymous with high ratings. And that is probably why the main characters of “Married to Medicine” let it all hang out. These high octane (self-centered) Atlanta “ladies” know how to bicker, fight, back-stab and preen their way through 60 minutes per episode, and have been doing so for three full seasons (48 episodes and counting.)

Jul 12, 2016

BRAVO's Flipping Out

Did Bravo ever nail it with the title of their long-running reality series, “Flipping Out”, now entering its 9th Season with a two-night premiere starting Wednesday, July 13th. When the show first aired back in 2007, it seemed like half of America was engaged in buying and selling homes on the quick. In other words, “flipping” them. And, so, the show got its start with host, Jeff Lewis, fixing up multi-million dollar west coast homes and re-selling them for a tidy profit. But “Flipping Out” also describes Mr. Lewis, who is a serious control freak (it’s definitely clinical), which leads him to flip out once and awhile with his employees and just about anyone else on the show.

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