TJ Salopek

TJ Salopek
TJ Salopek currently serves as the Executive Director of Cross Media Sales for the North Region. TJ joined the Viamedia team in July of 2017 with over 9 years experience in the digital media and programmatic space. With previous experience in product management and E-Commerce with a start-up and two Fortune 500 companies, TJ’s wealth of knowledge and passion for all things digital have quickly made him a valuable resource for the team and our local and regional clients.

Recent Posts

Apr 2, 2018

How Will Facebook's New Data Policy Impact Advertising Campaigns?

According to, Facebook has decided to no longer allow 3rd party data targeting on their advertising platform.  This strategic move is a response to data misuse via Cambridge Analytica.   Third party providers like Experian and Axiom will no longer be utilized for targeting users on Facebook, marketers will need to use Facebook’s first party data. So, how does this impact advertisers and the industry?

Nov 8, 2017

2 Simple Ways to Measure Marketing Campaign Success

Assessing whether a marketing campaign was successful has become increasingly difficult because of the complex consumer purchase funnel.  Consumers are being exposed to messages on multiple channels, which makes it difficult to pinpoint the effectiveness of a marketing campaign. Breaking down marketing measurements into high quality web traffic and in-store traffic are two easy ways to assess marketing efforts.

Oct 19, 2017

Display Advertising Tactics That Work

For those that think display advertising is dead and does not work; think again.  There are a few practical ways display advertising still can be fruitful.  Display has a few advanced tactics and measurements that helps refine and track the customer.  Below, I have outlined a quick snapshot of three display advertising tactics.

Sep 28, 2017

Navigating the Programmatic Wild West

Aug 23, 2017

Is A High Bounce Rate Always Bad?


Have you ever had a campaign with a high "bounce rate"? I know I have had this happen with many targeted website and programmatic campaigns I have been a part of. In the beginning part of my digital life in my career, this scared me. It sounds  SO  negative. But let’s dive into what it really means, and if it’s a fair metric to judge the success of a campaign.

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