Sep 15, 2016

5 Spook-takular Halloween Marketing Ideas for your Small Business


Halloween offers a unique opportunity for businesses to launch some spook-takular marketing campaigns. Promotions can help your business gain interest and cast a spell on some new customers (AKA bring them in the door!).

Here are some Halloween marketing ideas you can use to bring some fang-tastic Halloween fun to your biz while engaging your customers at the same time.

1. Host a Ghoulishly Delightful Contest or Giveaway

Get in on the Halloween fun by hosting a contest or giveaway. Consider doing a photo contest, where people submit photos of costumes, décor or carved pumpkins.
People are itching to get into the spirit of Halloween, so your prize doesn’t have to be huge. You can offer a gift card or a discount on your own product. Bonus: if any of your products could be used in the contest!

2. Spook-ify Your Brand

One of the simplest ways to get your business in the Halloween spirit and drive attention to your online presence is to spook-ify your logo, website, blog, or social media photos! Having a Halloween-themed logo opens up the opportunity to give away Halloween swag – stick your spooky logo on tee shirts, trick-or-treat bags, or pretty much anything you want!

3. Offer Bone-Chilling Discounts and Sales

Take advantage of the ‘Halloween revenue bonanza’ by offering discounts and sales. Create a Halloween-themed bundle of products that can be purchased at a discount. I.E., a grocery store might offer a bundle that includes 3 bags of candy and a pumpkin carving kit. Or offer a discount to customers who come into your store in their costumes on Halloween day.

4. Host or Sponsor a Hauntingly Horrific Event

Hosting an event is a great way to get people through the door if you have a brick & mortar location. Turn your space into a bone-chilling Haunted House, host a pumpkin carving workshop or a “punkin chunkin” contest after Halloween. Events like these will get people to your business.
Too much to pull off on your own? Consider partnering with other local businesses and neighbors for Spook-tacular Halloween block party.

5. Be a Trick-or-Treat Stop

Another great way to get people coming to you is to be a trick-or-treat stop. This one’s pretty quick and easy – just decorate your space and be ready with candy for trick-or-treaters.
To kick it up a notch, you could even order branded candy (with your spookify’d logo of course) to hand out.

THE MOST IMPORTANT ASPECT OF YOUR HALLOWEEN PROMOTION: Advertise your event, discount or contest!

Check out these Halloween-related TV programs (link to PDF attached) that are sure to get your spooky message seen! With so many fun and easy ways to incorporate Halloween into your small biz marketing, you’ve got nothing to lose! Make no bones about it, in the end, being creative and connecting with your customers is the important part for your small business.

What haunted marketing tricks have scored you more business?

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Jenny Campbell, Marketing Coordinator

Written by Jenny Campbell, Marketing Coordinator

With over 10 years B2B marketing experience, Jenny has had her hands in almost every facet of marketing -- from product strategy, to content marketing, to client promotions and market research. When she's not strategizing, Jenny enjoys the little things with her two small children and husband in Cincinnati, Oh.

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